[Softdevice-devel] OSD oddities with softdevice/xv

Chris Elsworth chris at shagged.org
Sat Aug 5 00:39:37 CEST 2006


I am using softdevice to render my pictures/OSD via an NVidia card
which is hooked up via SVideo tv out.

For the most part, it works wonderfully - for this I thank the authors
very much :)

I have a couple of small oddities which these screenshots show:

firstly a normal shot - this is how it should look:

this is a mis-coloured OSD, it's pink:

As far as I can tell, the OSD goes pink when the resolution of the
broadcast goes below 640x480. Sometimes, if I leave some part of OSD
on screen without touching it for a while, it will flick from being
correct to being pink, and back again, as adverts come and go, at
different resolutions.  Does anyone have any idea why this might be
happening? I'd be grateful for any suggestions. (this happens with
0.2.3 and a CVS checkout of a few minutes ago).

Secondly I have an odd problem with windows wrapping:

This should be centered in the screen. That particular OSD is from
vdr-femon, but vdr-osdteletext does it too. The author of these
plugins thinks the bug might be in softdevice-xv. Again this happens
with 0.2.3 and a recent cvs.

Unfortunately I only have softdevice-xv working as an output method at
the moment, I haven't gotten directfb or anything else to work. I'll
try a PVR-350 or a dxr3 if I can get one.

I was hoping someone might have some ideas on these bugs :)

thanks very much,

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