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Tue Feb 21 09:22:18 CET 2006

Hello to all.

We had a long-lasting conversations on IRC & messanger with Reinhard
about the current NoteEdit state and issues for the past few days.
Myself, I've been thriving to fix a crescendo bug for 6 hours with no
luck, while he was fixing and polishing the last additions to the
printing code. During the talk we both agreed that the current structure
and development done in NoteEdit needs major reorganization and
restructuring, let it be transitions like Qt3->4 interface,
Makefile->Scons, non-object-oriented->complete-object-oriented,
manually-made-interface->qtDesigner-interface while on the other hand a
major rewrite and rethinking on the most parts of the code, as no
developer currently actually understands it due to a lack of code
documentation (comments, Doxygen, illogical variable names). In the end,
we came to a conclusion that we:
1) completely rewrite the current NoteEdit project or
2) begin a new project from scratch with no connection to NoteEdit

We kind of agreed that a complete new project with a well-thought-out
base classes and structures from the beginning would be more appropriate
than a complete rewrite of NoteEdit having such a history. We decided to
officially create a new project, Canorus - a music score editor (canorus
- sweet, rich, full sounding in Latin). We also made some basic
guidelines of the project:

    * Source view of the score
    * Command line & Scripting language support (Ruby?)
    * XML file format
    * Qt4 and cross-platform ability
    * New Doxygen documentation
    * Primary library: Qt4.x
    * Primary IDE: Eclipse with Scons, Qt, Subversion and VEX plugins
    * Primary MIDI library: Midishare <http://midishare.sf.net>

Reinhard set up a project page at berlios (http://canorus.berlios.de).
SVN and mailing lists should be up shortly, while the basic homepage
(mostly copied from NoteEdit) is already there. Also, I'm going to make
a Canorus' Wiki on Berlios. We decided that this time, development and
user Wiki should be common, both public. Currently, me and Reinhard are
the project admins and Georg is marked as a developer as well. Anyone
interested in development should contact me or him, if he wants to join
the team!

From my perspective, the main reason why Cantorus project was born is
the time needed for NoteEdit's further development and bug fixing due to
a bad structure and lack of code documentation (6 hours of unsuccessful
bughunting could be much better replaced by a quality coding and
thinking about the new project). Therefore I decided to alternate my
strength into the new project than losing precious time on NoteEdit.
I'll be there for any minor issues or fixes, but I'm not going to make
any larger further development of NoteEdit anymore.

Best wishes and regards to all!
- Matevž

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