[Mapnik-users] RFP: GeoDjango based historical website project

Bradley D. Peters bdp at moberley.com
Tue Apr 20 01:55:18 CEST 2010


I am interested in hiring a developer or a firm to work on GeoDjango
based website project. I discussed this project with one developer who
didn't have time to help me and suggested I send the request to this

A prototype of the site is published online [1] and I have written an
overview [2] of what the project is supposed to do and its current
status. At this moment, the prototype is only known to work with
Mozilla Firefox browsers.

1. http://test.vantagepoints.ca/
2. http://vantagepoints.ca/VantagePoints.pdf

At the moment, I have not used Mapnik for this project, but I have
come to think that I probably should have. Of the technologies I am
using in the prototype the I am particular about Python, Django, and
PostgreSQL/PostGIS because I am a little bit familiar with these. The
other technologies I have no problem using something else if it will
work better.

In any case, the prototype works to some extent, but I've found myself
faced with too many problems I'm unable to solve and I have a lack of
time to get the result to complete this project in a satisfactory

As noted in the overview, there are a variety of issues with the
project. The most important issues are those related to getting the
map browser working including the timeline filter along and the
geographic inventory item pages. I'd also like to have the map looking
better (symbols, etc.). That probably only makes sense alongside the
overview document.

If more of the other issues fit into the budget that I have that is
great. I'm not a professional developer so I'm not certain my budget
ideas are reasonable. But, I am quite serious about getting this
project completed. In any case, what I need initially are proposals
that include a price or price estimate and preferably some kind of

I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone might have about this
project. I do need to get this project back on track soon, so I would
appreciate any responses I can get within the next week and certainly
before the end of the month.

Bradley Peters.

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