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SALHI MOHAMED salhimed84 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 17:08:50 CEST 2010


I'm trying to build leads a card using mapnik.
Here are the steps I have done:

* Opening ogr datasource -> ds
* Get the layer -> ly
* Retrieve the extent of the layer -> (w, h)
* Calculated image size -> (w / output_pixel_size, h / output_pixel_size) ->
(wi, hi)
* Prepare an image GDAL rgb output of this size

* Creates a datasource mapnik
* We will rasterizer output image block by block (eg block size = 1024x1024)

Init zone in mapnik
* Visited this area in a buffer in memory via the agg renderer
/ / Buffer
Image32 buf (iBlocSize, iBlocSize);
unsigned int * pData = (unsigned int *) buf.data (). getData ();

/ / Made this area into a buffer in memory
/ / (Render Map to year Image32 AGG)
agg_renderer <Image32> ren (* tMap, buf);
 ren.apply ();

at this stage, just in education
ren.apply ();
the manufacturer of projection
Call it an init ()
and just after leaving the manufacturer, it crashes

The debugger tells me the function basic_timed_mutex:: lock () in file
basic_timed_mutex.hpp that exists in
C: \ Program Files \ boost \ boost_1_42 \ boost \ thread \ win32

y-a-there anyone who can help me?
I finally ffélicite any assistance.
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