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Dane Springmeyer dbsgeo at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 06:43:42 CEST 2010

I encourage everyone following this thread to respond to carlos's  
summary ideas. The applications are due soon and the more feedback he  
has the more likely the project with be accepted and in a form that is  
both exciting and feasible for the summer.

On Saturday is whercamp and I hope to have a session with Mike  
Migurski and Tom Carden to discuss mentorship and progress so far. At  
this point I feel very impressed with carlos's awesome research and  
the fantastic community brainstorming.



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On Apr 1, 2010, at 1:43 PM, Carlos Enrique López Garcés <ccaarlooss at gmail.c 
om> wrote:

> Good afternoon, how are you?
> I was talking yesterday with Mr. Springmeyer about the scope of this  
> project to determine the main goals and tasks. From the ideas  
> discussed in this thread, I identify three major groups:  
> Improvements in resolution, the implementation of a renderer based  
> on SVG, and the addition of 'adornments' or informative elements  
> (grids, scale bars, etc.)
> Each group has its own level of difficulty. However, I see more  
> complexity in the implementation of the SVG renderer. I think it  
> represents a major design task that deserves attention from a more  
> experienced developer. As I'm new to the project, I think I would do  
> better if I worked in the other two groups of ideas, which seem to  
> have very clear and defined boundaries. This would help me become  
> more familiar with the design and structure of Mapnik and would  
> allow me to contribute in a better way in the future.
> However, I think you'll have a better perspective of the problem, so  
> I'd love to hear your opinions.
> Thanks
> Carlos Enrique López Garcés
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