[Mapnik-users] Strange texte behaviour around edge

Nicolas Gillet - MARKET-IP nicolas.gillet at market-ip.com
Fri Oct 16 17:13:22 CEST 2009



I'm writing you because I have a problem of cut label around the edge of my

I though the a buffer around tile should have avoided the problem but even
with a 60% buffer (154) I still have the problem.


What is really weird, is the tile with the point geometry inside itself has
not the text but the 3 other tiles around have a piece of it ?!


Symbolizer's definition is as follow :

<Style name="58_sm">


                               <PointSymbolizer file="./blue_square.png"
type="png" allow_overlap="false" opacity="1" width="8" height="8" />



<Style name="59_sm">


                               <TextSymbolizer name="NAME" face_name="DejaVu
Sans Bold" size="12" fill="#FFFFFF" dx="0" dy="-15" placement="point"
vertical_alignment="bottom" halo_fill="#000000" halo_radius="1"
text_ratio="0" wrap_width="0" spacing="0" min_distance="0"
avoid_edges="false" allow_overlap="false" max_char_angle_delta="0" />




I tried to change avoid_edges attribute with no effect at all and strangely,
if allow overlap is set to true this fix the problem . 

Correct me if I am wrong, but this overlap will also allow any other text to
overlap which is not what I want .


I join two image 

(hope it is allowed on mailing list otherwise is here



These have been re-worked by hand to add a black border on top and right
sides of all 4 tiles to see their junctions.

The second picture shows the result I was expecting.


If someone could tell me what's wrong, because I don't understand.


Thank you





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