[Mapnik-users] Windows installation

Ben Moores ben.moores at onetrackmind.co.nz
Wed Apr 23 08:43:03 CEST 2008

Alberto Giménez E. wrote:
>     Hi, I'm guessing you are using different third party libraries to me
>     (freetype/icu4c/libjpeg/libtool/libpng/proj.4/libtiff/zlib). The
>     project expects the installation to have been done according to
>     'readme.txt' in the msvc directory, with all the environment
>     variables (LIBJPEGDIR, LIBPNGDIR, etc.) set. The readme file lists
>     where I got all the libraries from. If you have different libraries
>     installed, then you'll need to update each of the projects
>     'additional include directories' and 'additional library
>     directories' to point to the new place.
>     If this doesn't work, send me some of the error messages and I'll
>     see if  I recognise the problem.
>     Ben
> Hi, I'm using the same third party libraries as you pointed out on 
> readme.txt, I've follow the instructions as well. Ok, I'm provide an 
> attachment where you can view the BuildLog. I've tested it on VC++ 
> Express and on VC 2003. I'm using boost 1.35 but also I've tested with 1.34
> Regards
> -- 
> Alberto Giménez E.

Hi, it looks like that log is from a release build, could you try doing 
a debug build? I haven't tried doing a release build on my local copy 
before. There might be some preprocessor definitions that I forgot to 
copy from the debug to release configuration.

I had a quick look at my local copy, and the release build is missing 
some preprocessor definitions, try adding these:

I think the 'inconsistent dll linkage' errors are because 
'MAPNIK_EXPORTS' isn't defined.

The other projects will also need to be checked to make sure they have 
the proper release settings.

If this doesn't work, I'll try to get some time at the weekend to get 
the visual studio build working on svn trunk.

I hope this helps,


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