[Mapnik-users] OS X build issues

Claire McLister mclister at zeesource.net
Thu Apr 17 22:31:39 CEST 2008

The issue is that the library is named libboost_filesystem- 
mt-1_35.dylib while scons is looking for a library named:  

So, just link the libboost-XX-mt-1_35.dylib files in /usr/local/lib to  
libboost-XX-mt.dylib (without the -1_35) and it should be fine.


On Apr 17, 2008, at 12:36 PM, Collin Olan wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to this list and Mapnik. I've been attempting to install on  
> OS X Leopard but without success and was hoping someone else has  
> been through this and would have some pointers.
> First, I followed the instructions on the Mapnik site and installed  
> all the necessary libraries into /usr/local/lib (and /usr/local/ 
> include for the boost headers).
> Then I tried running scons/scons.py without any options and got this:
> scons: Reading SConscript files ...
> Building on Darwin ...
> Checking for C library m... yes
> Checking for C library ltdl... yes
> Checking for C library png... yes
> Checking for C library tiff... yes
> Checking for C library z... yes
> Checking for C library jpeg... yes
> Checking for C library proj... yes
> Checking for C library iconv... yes
> Checking for C library pq... no
> Checking for C++ library gdal... no
> Checking for C++ library boost_filesystem-mt... no
> Could not find header or shared library for boost filesystem, exiting!
> Ok, so there is an issue finding the boost libraries I figured. I  
> can see libboost_filesystem-mt-1_35.dylib sitting there in /usr/ 
> local/lib
> Next I removed the scons caches and ran scons.py again but with  
> these options: BOOST_LIBS=/usr/local/lib BOOST_INCLUDES=/usr/local/ 
> include/boost-1_35
> which produced the same output. Always failing on the filesystem  
> library.
> After searching the web for help I came across some references to  
> Boost not being properly built as universal binaries. I originally  
> downloaded and built Boost with regular:
>   ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
>   make
>   sudo make install
> But maybe there are more hoops for OS X and Intel Macs?
> At this point I am at a loss. Thank you in advance for any help, and  
> my apologies if this is common knowledge.
> -Frollino
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