[Linux-uvc-devel] using UVC driver

Laurent Pinchart laurent.pinchart at skynet.be
Tue Aug 28 00:52:54 CEST 2007

Hi Franjo,

On Monday 27 August 2007, Franjo Mlakar wrote:
> Hi,
> I have install the UVC driver and I try to use it with guvcview. But when I
> run guvcview I get the following error.
> [root at localhost UVC]# guvcview
> resolution: 320 x 240
> windowsize: 700 x 420
> mode: jpg
> fps: 25
> bpp: 0
> hwaccel: 1
> grabmethod: 1
> guvcview version 0.1
> Video driver: x11
> A window manager is available
> video /dev/video0
> ERROR opening V4L interface
> : No such file or directory
> [root at localhost UVC]#
> I do not have  /dev/video or /dev/video0 device node. Does the driver make
> this nodes when it is installed, or do I have to make this nodes by myself?
> I'm realy new, so any help is welcome.

When you plug your webcam, the driver should probe it and register a new 
device. udev is then responsible for creating device nodes.

You should first check if the driver has properly detected the webcam. Check 
the kernel log (using the dmesg command) for information printed by the UVC 

Best regards,

Laurent Pinchart

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