[Linux-uvc-devel] USB problem with Logitech webcams?

Francois frmas at free.fr
Thu Aug 16 18:55:29 CEST 2007

On jeudi 16 août 2007, Brian wrote:
> I do not know how relevant this is but...
> I have just finished testing my first ekiga call and naturally we were
> going up and down a few times.
> On one occasion ekiga came back and said that it could not contact the
> video.
> Now in previous testing I had noticed that running xawtv -hwscan seemed
> to revive/reset the video, so I did it again and it worked.
> I was able to reconnect ekiga with the video no problem.
> Not a fix but it may help in some cases.

Just to let developpers know, I do the same. SOmetimes, i have the same 
message as ekiga comes back, and says it can't connect the video.
I have to run "camstream", then "luvcview", and then,  I can rerun ekiga 
with the video too, without any problem.

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