[Haiku-commits] r29008 - haiku/trunk/src/data/etc/keymaps

Bruno Albuquerque bga at bug-br.org.br
Sun Jan 25 12:02:44 CET 2009

On Sun, 25 Jan 2009 12:57:48 +0100, korli at BerliOS said:

> added French Apple keymap, as posted by Vincent Duvert.

BTW, not directly keymap related (I guess), but I see a weird thing 
with siacritical signs.

I am using the Brazilian(ABNT2) keymap and it has dead keys for the 
diacritical signs. Juat as an example, I can get ã by typing ~ followed 
by a. The weird thing is that if I type too fast, I will get ~a instead 
of ã, so I can not use my normal typing speed when using diacritical 
signs. This does not happen in BeOS/Zeta nor in any other platform that 
I noticed. Any idea why this is happening in Haiku?


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