[Haiku-commits] r26593 - in haiku/trunk/src: apps/drivesetup kits/tracker

Axel Dörfler axeld at pinc-software.de
Thu Jul 24 11:32:28 CEST 2008

anevilyak at BerliOS <anevilyak at mail.berlios.de> wrote:
> +		if (partition->GetMountPoint(&path) == B_OK)
> +		{

What happened to the coding style? :-)

> Marcus brings up a good point about this by the way: This will remove
> directories even if the user created them manually. How should we go
> about telling the difference? Tagging the mountpoint directory with 
> an
> attribute if Tracker / DriveSetup created it? Thoughts?

I would only remove the directory when it's in rootfs, and keep it 
around otherwise.


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